Monday, 15 April 2013

Down-Under Update!

Hello family and friends! I'm still getting used to this new blog site so don't be alarmed if the template changes every time you read.

So it's almost the end of April. Wooh! Where does the time go? Alex is halfway through his first semester of second year at Hillsong International Leadership College and he is still loving it. He is growing and serving and loving life in this season! As am I. I have continued to work 30+ hours a week at Brothers Café (where I am now a trained barista!) and that has been going well. And for those of you who don't know, we are looking into saving our money to stay another year. Yep, that's right! The Beyer's down under will be staying for third year of college, God willing we can come up with the finances! Visas and medical insurance cost a lot. Who knew? Anyways, we have a budget and are working our tails off saving for that goal. And within that, we are REALLY hoping to fly home for Christmas 2013 for at least a month of visiting! I think we will be trying to raise money for the tickets through an online fund-raiser so if you're keen to donate stay tuned! I know our family and especially us would LOVE to come home, see everyone, experience America again (aahhh) and enjoy that time before taking on yet another year far away.

We celebrated Easter in the city with Hillsong Church as they hired out the massive 12,000 seat arena for their Easter Service and subsequently PACKED it out as all of the campuses and guests alike gathered to celebrate the day of resurrection! There were many salvations and many baptisms on stage! Alex and I do what we always do, which is serve in the kids program. I was a kids leader and Alex played drum box for worship with the younger kids. It was an amazing night! And as always we stopped to get some well loved Starbucks since we were nearby!

Alex had had a cold the week leading up to Easter and the following week ended up catching a flu-bug which had him bed ridden with a fever for a few days. Afterwards, his exhaustion and cough lingered so long he decided to finally go to the doctor. And since we waited so long to get him in, we discovered today that he has bronchial pneumonia, which is treatable and not as bad as real pneumonia so at least we caught it soon enough! Needless too say, he is now on many medications to set his body right and was given orders to be on bedrest.

Other than that, we are doing fantastic! God has really been showing us His grace and favour in this season and my faith has been strengthened so much in this time. We love to dream about our future and where God might be taking us and we are so excited to be on this journey!
Keep checking for more updates, I will be posting an amazing story of how God is working in our lives and one incident in particular involving the resurrection of our computer.
Aussie Beyer's signing our for now!

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