Friday, 31 May 2013

Hiking: Wentworth Falls!

On Thursday this week Alex and I were invited along on a hiking trip with our good friends Bryon and Shelby. It was about an hour drive into the heart of the Blue Mountains in Sydney where Wentworth Falls is located. I was so excited to have a day off of work and to be doing something so adventurous and exciting! (We don't get out much...) My goal is to see more of the beautiful country in which we live and this excursion was one step closer!


Look at that view!!! Wow, right? The trail we took was about 9 kilometres in length, including many steep stairs down a rick cliff to the bottom of the waterfall, through bushland and crevices carved out of the mountainside and then more stone steps scaling up the other side of the mountain.

We stopped for a nice lunch break in the middle which consisted of pre-packed peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, home-made trail mix (Thanks Shelby!), and lots of water! Then we made our way up the steep, stone steps up rocky terrain to the top!
It was an exhausting and incredibly fun time with our friends! Another great adventure down under! Keep checking in for more updates and adventures! Love, A&J


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