Tuesday, 14 October 2014

DIY Project This Week!

I was scrolling Pinterest last week and I came across a post (which I can't find now, otherwise I'd link to it!) and I got the idea to make my own headboard for my queen size bed. I had never thought of that before, and it looked like you could make it for only $30-40 (better than $300 for one at the furniture store!) I then went on a mission to look up other tutorials for headboard making and I found quite a few! I found this tutorial on Thrifty & Chic which explains really well how to go about making a headboard and even how to make it cheaply! Then I went even further and looked at this blog, in which the headboard was made with cardboard instead of plywood. I decided I could do the cardboard, and then realised that if I did that, it may not cost me a thing. Sa-weet! So I gathered my materials and got to work.

I would advise doing some more research before getting to work, because I had to spend more time figuring out the measurements and size after I was already set to just start building! I ended up measuring 61" wide by 60" tall (it stands on the floor behind the bed and is not wall mounted, although you could wall mount it and save money by making it shorter). Materials I used were: two large heavy duty cardboard pieces I got for free after a kids camp at church, egg-carton foam I took from my hubby's drum cage in the garage (I asked nicely:) which he was using for sound muffling but I decided he'd be ok without it.. (I think he got it for free from a friend), one of our old sheets (also free, wedding gift but don't fit our bed anymore), duct tape (already had), needle & thread and staples & st
apler (also already had), and buttons which were $10 from the craft store.

Here is how I did it in picture form, but check out one of the above tutorials if you want really good steps for making one yourself!!!


And here is the final product!!!



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