Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What's For Dinner?

...this is the usual question I find myself asking. I've just dipped my toe recently into meal planning, but still find myself behind sometimes!

This week I'm sharing a quick, easy dinner recipe that my friend sent me on Pinterest. It's from this site if you want it and 13 other awesome meal ideas, but my friend knew that this would be a winner with my pizza loving hubby! (I only just noticed that on the site it is listed as a good children's meal... guess we're kids at heart!)

I literally took one look at the picture and then got what I had from the cupboard and fridge for toppings. We even made it "healthy" with barley/wholewheat wraps!
I give you, The Pizzadilla!

Whole wheat burrito wraps
Shredded cheese
Red Onion
Green pepper (capsicum)
Pizza sauce (we used Italian herb red sauce)
(Any other toppings you desire!)
Red sauce for dipping
How to:
Prepare your wrap using only one half of it.
Add sauce, then any toppings you desire!
Fold the wrap over the half and flatten gently
Spray a flat pan with oil and have it over medium high heat
Pop the wrap with toppings inside into the pan and cook until cheese melts and wrap is crispy, flipping once
Cut into slices when cool and dip in red sauce to eat!

Vwa-lah! This one definitely goes into my recipe book as "Husband Approved". He ate two pizzadillas and one filled me up! It was fun putting on all the toppings together and making our own. Hope you try it and enjoy!

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