Saturday, 13 September 2014

...and they continued to live happily ever after!

I really can't believe that it's been so long since I've updated this blog... oops! Well, I've decided it would be good for me to get back into it so no better time than the present, eh?

This post is truly an 'adventure in love'! It's about how Alex and I just celebrated the third anniversary of our wedding!

I was sure that we wouldn't do much to celebrate because, well, our bank account looks a bit sad! But little did I know, he had a spectacular surprise planned! He actually sold one of his cymbals so that he could fund raise to do something nice for us... cue "Awwww!!!"

I worked a full day on the 10th, so he picked me up from work and we headed off into the sunset! Literally. We drove for two hours and I was still in the dark about what we were doing. We arrived about 6:45pm at Ettalong Beach, and the Mantra resort was our destination. "What!?" I exclaimed over and over. "Whatever!!! How did you do this!?" Alex just smiled cheekily. He had booked us a room for the night in this super nice place ("and came under budget!" he proudly exclaimed). So this was the surprise! Except there was more. We checked into the hotel, and then he drove us to our dinner destination; La Fiamma, a delicious woodfire pizza place in town. He had done all of this research beforehand so he would know where to take me for meals! We enjoyed our room for the night, popping popcorn in the microwave and enjoying a bubble bath in the Jacuzzi tub!

The next morning we enjoyed a sleep in and then rushed off on a walk down the beach. Ettalong doesn't have any good swimming beaches, but it was still beautiful. We ended up leaving the hotel late for whatever Alex had planned so we walked a bit briskly. I was thinking, "All this town has is little boats and a measly beach, what could there possibly be to be late for!?" Nevertheless, I trusted him to lead me to the next surprise. Which included stopping at a cute local coffee shop (Coast 175) for coffees! Next stop was the end of a dock. Hmm. What did that mean? He explained that he had wanted to stay at Palm Beach because he remembered that I wanted to go there some time but that there wasn't any nice accommodation over there. So he got our place in Ettalong, which has a ferry service that takes you across the bay to Palm. Genius! So in a few minutes we would board the ferry and spend the day at Palm. Which ended up being amazing and fun, including eating lunch at the famous Boathouse (can you say giant prawn feast!?)

We dipped into the water a bit and enjoyed some throwing of our American football in the sand. We took some time in the sun and peaceful breeze to reflect on how much we've grown in the past three years and talk about where we see ourselves in three more years (kids, eh?). It was a bit hard to admit that I didn't really trust him to handle things when we first were married, and to hear him say that I was much harsher and more stubborn back then. But it was god to see that we've both grown out of those habits and grown more loving and encouraging of each other. In the late afternoon we took the ferry back and packed up the car to head home from our amazing beach getaway!

Alex truly blessed me and blew me away with his planning of this surprise getaway. He put so much effort into it and it was such a success. I realised that I have a bit of an issue with not knowing what is going to happen, as waiting for the surprises had me a little anxious, but it is something I want to work on because surprises should be fun! We had a blast and it was so nice to get away from people (we live with 5 others) and have some space and quiet to ourselves! It was also so fun to explore a new place in Australia. Here's to three years and many more to come! I truly have the most amazing husband!! Here's some fun pictures from our getaway!

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