Friday, 14 February 2014

The 7 Day GM Diet

As some of you know I've recently tried this seven day cleanse called the GM Diet (yes, GM does stand for General Motors). It's a quick diet that lets you eat all you want each day, but you can only eat what's allowed for that day. Like day 1 for example is all fruit, all the fruit you want but only fruit. I won't be explaining everything about the diet here, so if you want to read up more about it and how it works, you can visit

I had done this about two months ago and had amazing results. It was really hard for me the first three days because I have a bad habit of just snacking constantly...and my belly knows it! It was hard for me to go an afternoon without crunching on some carb-y snacks like pretzles or popcorn. But since I kept to it so well, I had amazing results.

Keep in mind that I was working two jobs as well as working out along with tis diet. Here is my day-to-day diet journal.

Day 1: Fruits
I ate mostly melons, berries, and apples
I found that crunching on Ice helped my craving for munching on things
I set aside the berries as a sweet treat when I needed it
I really realized that most of the time in my day I am thinking about food and am focused on what I will eat next. It was weird to not have that to focus on so I had much more free thinking time
I drank 12 glasses of water (very important for the diet to get enough water intake)
Went to bed tired and cranky!

Day 2: Veggies
Woke up feeling amazingly rested and happy
Ate the potato for brekky reluctantly (ew)
Just ate raw veggies all day until later when I ate cooked corn and veggie soup
Air popped some popcorn to ease the craving (its a veggie right!?)
Drank 10 glasses of water
Didn't do any working out yet
Went to bed early tired and with a headache

Day 3: Fruit and Veg
Not as hungry this day
Less craving carbs and sweets
Fruit salad all morning, veggies for snacks
Got creative and made mashed cauliflower for dinner (yUM!)
Ate raspberries for dessert (my fav!)

Day 4: Bananas!
Down 4 kilos already!
Made a banana shake with milk, so gross, bad idea (I don't like bananas in this form)
Had to have a popcorn snack (air popped, barely any calories)
Had some of the soup as well which is allowed
Ran for 12 minutes straight and felt so alive!
Bananas for snack, not even hungry for dinner

Day 5: Tomatos and Beef
Feeling really great, energy and alive!
Ate tomato for brekky (gross, I hate tomatos)
Ate beef and seasoned diced tomatos for lunch
Not craving much, less hungry than previous days
Beef and tomatos again for dinner but not even very hungry

Day 6: Beef and vegatables
Already so skinny! Tight tummy and 5 kilos lost
Carrot for brekky
Beef and corn for lunch, hot dog for dinner (had to, I was babysitting and forgot my food)
Veggies for snacks
Feeling amazing, so much energy

Day 7: Veg and Fruit (+rice)
Apple for brekky
Veggies salad for lunch
Not even hungry for snacks or sweets

Conclusion: 13 lbs lost
I ended up with so much energy, less craving, less hungry, greater portion control (who knew I needed to only eat so little to actually be full and I didn't have to stuff my face all the time?!) I was able to run and exercise with all the energy I had. I feel so awesome!

I was able to continue eating well after this diet was over. The main thing about this diet, since it is a crash diet that loses a lot of weight quickly is that you have to want to keep the weight off by using the diet to kickstart a change of eating habits. If you just go back to the way you were eating before you will definitely gain everything back. I continued with the principles I had learned from the diet and was able to keep all of the weight off and continue to feel great and healthy. (That is of course until I went home to the States and ate my heart out on American food. When we got back I did the diet again with similar results!)

I recommend this for people who will actually commit to making the sacrifices all week and who want to jump start a healthier lifestyle with awesome results right off the bat! And what you've all been waiting for, here is my before and after collage! Tell me how you go if you try this!

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