Monday, 16 September 2013

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)

As some of you may know, Oceans is a song from Hillsong United's newest album, ZION. The song has had an amazing, unexpected response as one of the most popular songs from the album, as well as a church-proclaimed "God song". The lyrics tell a story of a similar account of Peter walking on water in the Bible. But it is portrayed poetically to relate to the listener and demand a response from the soul. Our church loves this song, and I know it has moved many people. I want to take a minute to expand on how God has used this song to speak to me personally.

Last May at Colour Conference here at Hillsong (the annual women's conference) the song Oceans was unveiled for the first time at Hillsong in congregational worship. I was at a point of complete surrender to God and what He is doing in and through our lives here. I wanted so much to hear from Him at this conference about a few different things and to break more barriers in my heart that were keeping me from fully trusting Him. This point in the worship service was such a beautiful moment, singing to God and letting these new words sink into our hearts as we sing them almost as an anthem

Those words are from the pre-chorus of the song and so powerful. When the storms of life roll in, we keep our eyes above them and fixed onto Jesus. He is ours, our saving grace ad our hope. This was the first night of the conference and I was already crying, this was so powerful as I raised my hands proclaiming this level of trust in my God.

But it is in the bridge of the song where God chose to speak to me that night.

At this point in the worship, the lights went dim and the instruments dropped down quietly. The vocalist sang out this refrain over and over and the entire room filled with people singing, declaring this over ourselves and inviting the Holy Spirit to come do a work in us. To myself I was thinking about trusting God in the hard times and keeping my eyes on Jesus and stepping out in faith (which we had done to come to Australia).
But in one moment, those words struck me so hard in a new way; "Where my trust is without borders" had a new meaning all of a sudden. An image of the whole world came into my head and I felt God asking me, "Will you trust me outside the borders of America? Will you trust me that if you don't go back there, I am still leading you and I am trustworthy?" And I realized that I had this mindset that was keeping me so focused on our stability, our comfort, and our destiny being locked up tight in us living America that I hadn't opened my heart to trust that God will lead us and care for us no matter where in this earth we go.
It was at that point I sung out that refrain with a new heart, answering God's question by asking the Holy Spirit to help me to live without limiting God's dream for us or His sovereignty to one geographical area, but allowing the whole world to be open for God to call us and use us. Now, I honestly believe we will be in Australia for a while and I hope to end up in America again to settle for good, but I am no longer limiting my trust of God's will to a certain place. This decision, this declaration has led me to so much peace ad joy in my life here, and even getting to the point that I can now honestly say that I love living in Australia! I had to let go of the part of my heart that was not fully surrendered to living here before I could fully enjoy this beautiful country.
Every time I hear this song now, it is a beautiful reminder of the decision I made to trust God no matter where we go. And to trust Him no matter what circumstances we are in.
That's all from me for now! I hope you were encouraged and check out the full version of the song below!:

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