Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Recipe of the Week: Chilli con Carne!

Arriba! Arriba! I was feeling spicy this week (and I also had meat and beans that needed using up) so I thought "Hey, let's make some chilli!" Also this week has been a bit rainy and cold so it just felt like chilli weather!

I didn't have a specific recipe to go off of, (although I wish I had my dad's recipe from back in the states, his chilli is seriously the best) but I used good 'ol Google and found a recipe that worked with the ingredients I had in my cupboard. This is what it ended up looking like:

Yum-o!!!! It was a pretty simple recipe, and since I didn't have any chilli seasoning I had to make due with the herbs and spices recommended in the recipe. I use just plain old beef mince (the lean stuff is expensive!!) and the recipe doesn't tell you to drain the fat from the meat once you've cooked it but I definitely did because my husband will not eat mince with the fat oils taste still there, plus its a way to make the meal a bit healthier!

I used quite a bit more paprika and cumin than was in the recipe, mostly to compensate for the fact that I didn't have any chilli powder on hand (oops!) and I also added a bit of plain old taco seasoning to try to give it that Mexican edge. After simmering until half of the liquids had steamed off, I was left with an amazing pot of chilli that filled both me and my happy, meat-loving husband with plenty of leftovers for lunches the next day!

I definitely recommend it topped with heaps of shredded cheese and sourcream! YUM!!!

For the full recipe, click here. This website actually has a lot of great recipes to do with chilli and different dishes and ways of making it. Enjoy! Let me know how yours turned out!

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